Monday, September 27, 2010

My first necklaces

Over the weekend, I went to a Gem Faire with a beading-nerd friend. He was running all over the place. His head was jerking left and right. I, on the other hand, felt the need to wear sunglasses because all the beads were so epileptic. We stayed there for about two hours. I got this copper leaf and a few strands of beads.

I spent my evening refocusing my eyes and battling twisted wire, an aching back, and fingers that are too big. With my friend's technical help, my first necklaces was finally born. <3

Salmon Caviar

This cocktail dress was made within 12 hours including buying the materials. It was a challenge, but very fun.

Concept: orange, use my lace fabric and 18" by 16" shimmery spandex

Goal: Wear it in my friend's going away and graduation party that night.

I played and organized various value and textured orange fabrics together into this fun, cocktail dress. With a beautiful chicken feather scarf, a cream color fish net tight, and a flower hat. This whole outfit turned out surprisingly fun & colorful yet elegant. It fitted my personality quite well.

Yun^2 Bike

Other than designing clothes, I also enjoy to do decorations such as my bike. They keep my mind fresh and creative. They also allow me to explore and experience new technology.

Twilight Special

Some months ago, my sister called me and told me to design three outfits for a dark Gothic band from Hong Kong. I looked through their performance pictures and came up with these ideas. So, here they're.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Death-rose prince

Directed by Yun Yun Wai
Photographed : Ethan Killian
Make-up : Bonnie Brownen
Hair : Alex Immoos
Wardrobe : Yun Yun Wai
Props : Yun Yun Wai
Model : Topher Rasmussen
Edited by Yun Yun wai & jR Harper

Thanks everyone for your help.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Judges Award : Best Student Designer

Ever since I came to the US. I tend to stay away from competition. I could be just too insecure about my design and I also think, my school designers did amazing jobs as well plus they have so many experiences. Can't believe that I received this award by my first play design job, Charlotte's Web.

According to my teacher, this award scored by judges from out-of-school who have good knowledge about theater and designs. Thank you Judges! Thanks for your honored support!

New Suit

New Suit :) I love this suit's color choices, patterns, and the cut. It really shows the masculinity and femininity among men.

Fashionable tutu skirt!

Been quite busy lately. :) After a long time of struggles about massively produce a collection I finally came up with this!

Fashionable tutu skirt! Tutu skirt is no longer "the outfit" for party but also, for everyday wear or even to school. ;) This skirt can fit most size of human being in the world.

More styles are coming. ^_____^ <3

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fun & Elegant = Rigologant

Recently I've been working on some coats. I always have problem picking coat in store because their color, style, and the way they fit. Most coats I see are likely to be plain & boring. People can't tell who this person's personality through their outer coat. I hate them all. And why the upper sleeves are so often installed that extra fabric!? Do they know that having too many fabric around the arms actually make actions harder and causes alot of wiping the table or hitting the coffee cup?

Here is one of my newest experience. Ha ^o^

Friday, September 11, 2009

Charlotte's Web

I've been working almost all my time for this play nearly for the past 2 months. Now there is only 6 days left until the performance ^_________^ WOoowww ^0^ Yay!

Its playing in the New UVU Norda Theater ^_____________^ from Sept 17th to Oct 3rd. I'm excited. I'll post all costumes pictures later.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Yun Yun logo

This is my fashion logo at the moment ^_^ Haha.

Tent Cover

Over this past summer I've been gone camping alot. My friend jR inspirited me on playing fabrics outside the human body.
Its always nice to lay in the tent without the rain-fly to feel the wind and smell the fresh air of the forest, but it is also always annoying that people can see-through the tent net and see me. The privacy needs becoming more and more desirable.
This tent cover is made by chiffon fabric with prints on. They are Great! Now I can feel the wind, taste the forest rain, smell the nature, and I can see what people doing from the inside of the tent, and people can only see the print of the tent cover. Whahah ^_^

Charlotte's Web

Last semester my costume teacher Carla gave us an interesting assignment. It was to pick a fantasy play script, and then choose a character, draw a design and actually make a human size costume for ourselves. I picked Charlotte's Web's Charlotte. Sometimes I found it really hard to draw designs because obviously I have limited drawing skill ^_^ and I often have this annoy of not being able to show the details of the design and texture of the fabric on a piece of paper. So here I made this mini-version of Charlotte costume on Barbie and a human-sized Charlotte on me ^_^.

Costuming faces - Masks

I always have this struggle for posting my Make-up Artworks because I afraid it could pull away the profession of my costume portfolio. And then on the other hand, I think cosmetic is just another costuming. To play with the grey idea of costume and make-up, I decided to show some masks that I made ^_^ so Hehe Here they are.... The first one is made of Foam Latex. This is my first mask making. Theme was Ocean spider. It definitely took alot of time and energy but I LOVE the whole process. Just simply thinking about it, it makes me excited for the next time. The second one is a mask of me just playing with a topic "Depressing demon".

Monday, June 22, 2009

Origami crane costume

Oh my I'm so horrible at keeping my artworks updated haha. I post the pictures on Facebook and then I forgot to post them here. So here they are some Crane costume pictures.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Origami Crane

Wooo Its been so long since I update this blog but just so you know, I'm not being lazy. In this semester in school, I'm taking Costume Design 2, Stage Make up 2, Medical Terminology etc classes so most my energy goes to that.

So, these days I've been working on making an Origami Crane costume out of fabric. ^_^ Haha I'm E-X-C-I-T-E-D. After I spray-painted my fabric, my fingers turned"gold" and my house's driveway is now partially layered with this fancy and "unflowable" rug. Hahah

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My halloween

This is my favorite hat so far. Haa of course because it is my 1st creation of hatwear. I was wearing it to the Halloween party. Hoho :) It was funny to wear a giant hat with padding inside. I kept hitting to people's heads, but everyone loved it because it was like a pillion flying around the space haha :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An October Evening~ Yun Yun Fashion show

The fashion show was pretty successful, at least I got everything organized and the costumes were ready to go.
This is the pictures of my first official fashion show in the public. Thank you for Amber, Nate, Nina, Colter, jR, kindra, Alson, Kazue, Kim, and molly to model for my clothing line. Thank you Courtney for supporting. Thank you Breana for professional Make-up. Thank you Alex and Autumn for creative hair stylishing. Thank you Caitlin for taking pictures. And thank you An October Evening for given me this oppoturnity.
Location: Masonic Temple, SLC, UT

MORE PICTURES are coming soon!