Monday, July 27, 2009

Yun Yun logo

This is my fashion logo at the moment ^_^ Haha.

Tent Cover

Over this past summer I've been gone camping alot. My friend jR inspirited me on playing fabrics outside the human body.
Its always nice to lay in the tent without the rain-fly to feel the wind and smell the fresh air of the forest, but it is also always annoying that people can see-through the tent net and see me. The privacy needs becoming more and more desirable.
This tent cover is made by chiffon fabric with prints on. They are Great! Now I can feel the wind, taste the forest rain, smell the nature, and I can see what people doing from the inside of the tent, and people can only see the print of the tent cover. Whahah ^_^

Charlotte's Web

Last semester my costume teacher Carla gave us an interesting assignment. It was to pick a fantasy play script, and then choose a character, draw a design and actually make a human size costume for ourselves. I picked Charlotte's Web's Charlotte. Sometimes I found it really hard to draw designs because obviously I have limited drawing skill ^_^ and I often have this annoy of not being able to show the details of the design and texture of the fabric on a piece of paper. So here I made this mini-version of Charlotte costume on Barbie and a human-sized Charlotte on me ^_^.

Costuming faces - Masks

I always have this struggle for posting my Make-up Artworks because I afraid it could pull away the profession of my costume portfolio. And then on the other hand, I think cosmetic is just another costuming. To play with the grey idea of costume and make-up, I decided to show some masks that I made ^_^ so Hehe Here they are.... The first one is made of Foam Latex. This is my first mask making. Theme was Ocean spider. It definitely took alot of time and energy but I LOVE the whole process. Just simply thinking about it, it makes me excited for the next time. The second one is a mask of me just playing with a topic "Depressing demon".