Saturday, November 8, 2008

My halloween

This is my favorite hat so far. Haa of course because it is my 1st creation of hatwear. I was wearing it to the Halloween party. Hoho :) It was funny to wear a giant hat with padding inside. I kept hitting to people's heads, but everyone loved it because it was like a pillion flying around the space haha :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An October Evening~ Yun Yun Fashion show

The fashion show was pretty successful, at least I got everything organized and the costumes were ready to go.
This is the pictures of my first official fashion show in the public. Thank you for Amber, Nate, Nina, Colter, jR, kindra, Alson, Kazue, Kim, and molly to model for my clothing line. Thank you Courtney for supporting. Thank you Breana for professional Make-up. Thank you Alex and Autumn for creative hair stylishing. Thank you Caitlin for taking pictures. And thank you An October Evening for given me this oppoturnity.
Location: Masonic Temple, SLC, UT

MORE PICTURES are coming soon!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

An October Evening

This event will be my first official fashion show. :) Aww I'm so excited!

My show will probably has about 10 models. Music and my logo are ready; the clothes are half way ready; my energy is pretty much drained *x*

I just want to thank you to all you who help me. Hope the show will turn GREAT! :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Louis the 92nd

The design of the shirt is all mine. It sports an extra-large collar.

Peace of Freedom

Designed and sewn by myself. The fabric is pure silk from a wonderful fabric store in Portland. The pink curve is actually stretchy pink cotton.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Umbrella Dress

This is one of my more adventurous projects. Designed by me, the dress has a wire frame to help it overcome gravity.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hestia's Green n Gold dress

This was a commissioned piece that I did for the model. It was based off the necklace she is wearing in the photo.

This dress that is light on top graduating down to heavy with angular pieces of sequins at bottom.
Modeled by Margaret
Photo taken by jR

Ms. Parrot and Mr. Peacock

This is one of my most elaborate constructions, designed for Halloween costumes in '07. All feathers are 100% avian. Portrait pictures are yet to come, but they WILL come eventually.

As for now, photo taken by my costume teacher Carla Summers and Don Lavange :)

Symbology of Cerebrum

This is not an example of my sewing work, but I did the hair styling, which I think looks great!
Photo taken by jR

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mehicana and Ceramic Bowl

I did the hair and make-up, assisting jR for a photoshoot.
Modeled by Flor
Photo by jR


This isn't necessarily an elaborate costume construction, but I did the draping, the hair, and the make-up for this photograph. Shot in front of an urban waterfall in a city south of Portland.
Photo taken by jR

Feathered Celestial Emperess

This dress is of my design and needle. It's my sexiest yet!

This one-shoulder dress is sensual yet elegant. It has laces on both sides and a high princess slit. In addition, this dress can be a sexy lingerie and be a part of your other dress to give a whole fresh look to your evening event.

Photo by jR
modeled by myself :)

Modern Piscator

I designed and sewed the whole outfit, but what took the longest was finding the materials. I have held onto one of the fabrics, looking for others that would support it, for almost five years.
Modeled by jR
Photo taken by myself for my portfolio for the first time :)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Lavender fairy

I designed and assembled this costume. It was one of my quickest projects, finished in one night without knowing the exact measurements of the model. Usually my stuff takes much longer.
Thank you Katie (model) and jR (photographer) for all the helps :)

Phoenix from the Flame

Part of my first collection.
Photo: jR
Model: Sherry

Threads of the Orchid Rose

Another from my first collection.

Androgynous coat

This coat is made out of a 100% wool fabric. The inspiration for it came from my own needs, and so I designed it for myself. I have a hard time finding the right size and style for clothing, especially the length. I hate the idea that most of the coat styles are so boxy and colorless like uniforms; I also hate that the sleeves of coats usually too long and often cover the cuffs of shirts, getting in the way of typing.

Later on, one of my guy friends borrowed this to wear and I found out that this coat ilooks way better on him than I. This coat really opened up my mind about androgynous style.

Designed and sewn by Jen Wai

Thank you jR Harper (photographer) and Sherry Wong (model) for all your help:)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shimmer Grasshopper

This is my earliest work and is the project that taught me the most of the important meanings of shape, line, color, contrast, value, etc.
This is my first prom dress, first real garment project, first of many many things. And of course I wore this to my junior prom : )

Designed and sewn by Jen Wai.

Thank you Becky Parkinson (my sewing teacher), jR Harper (photographer), and Sherry Wong (model) for all your help