Saturday, May 10, 2008

Feathered Celestial Emperess

This dress is of my design and needle. It's my sexiest yet!

This one-shoulder dress is sensual yet elegant. It has laces on both sides and a high princess slit. In addition, this dress can be a sexy lingerie and be a part of your other dress to give a whole fresh look to your evening event.

Photo by jR
modeled by myself :)


iC said...

Beautiful clothes, Beautifully modeled.

Noticing the influences of Yoga and Paper Planes Maya" Arulpragasam; I thought we could expect Indian fashions to take off. After seeing your site, I'm thinking the Feathered Celestial Empress look will take hold (and take off).

JEnnian~Yun Yun said...

Thank you so much ^0^
Hope my upcoming clothes will surprise you with joy continuously. Your comment is important to me.