Monday, September 27, 2010

My first necklaces

Over the weekend, I went to a Gem Faire with a beading-nerd friend. He was running all over the place. His head was jerking left and right. I, on the other hand, felt the need to wear sunglasses because all the beads were so epileptic. We stayed there for about two hours. I got this copper leaf and a few strands of beads.

I spent my evening refocusing my eyes and battling twisted wire, an aching back, and fingers that are too big. With my friend's technical help, my first necklaces was finally born. <3

Salmon Caviar

This cocktail dress was made within 12 hours including buying the materials. It was a challenge, but very fun.

Concept: orange, use my lace fabric and 18" by 16" shimmery spandex

Goal: Wear it in my friend's going away and graduation party that night.

I played and organized various value and textured orange fabrics together into this fun, cocktail dress. With a beautiful chicken feather scarf, a cream color fish net tight, and a flower hat. This whole outfit turned out surprisingly fun & colorful yet elegant. It fitted my personality quite well.

Yun^2 Bike

Other than designing clothes, I also enjoy to do decorations such as my bike. They keep my mind fresh and creative. They also allow me to explore and experience new technology.

Twilight Special

Some months ago, my sister called me and told me to design three outfits for a dark Gothic band from Hong Kong. I looked through their performance pictures and came up with these ideas. So, here they're.